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KPFA Local Election Supervisor
Job Description in PDF File
KPFA - Producers for Up Front and Letters and Politics
KPFA is seeking producers for two shows, UpFront and Letters & Politics, beginning on or about May 1, 2016
  • Identify topics for interview segments, and potential interviewees
  • Book and prepare for interviews
  • Engineer pre-recorded interviews
  • Edit recorded interviews for length and clarity
  • Line produce live shows as needed
  • Find and secure fund-drive premiums
  • Compose run sheets for each day's program
  • Engineer and mix daily promotional carts and billboards
  • Participate in 10:30am editorial meeting (UpFront only)
Producer's expected working hours & days:
  • Letters and Politics - 20 hrs/week. Hours are flexible, but candidate should be available to begin work as early as 8 AM, M-Thurs
  • UpFront - 20 hours a week. 10 AM – 3:30 PM (with half hour lunch break), M-Thurs
  • Union pay scale, currently $22.07/hour plus annual seniority bump.
  • Employer-paid health benefits
  • Vacation, 403B, pension
  • News Judgment - familiarity with current events; ability to identify topics worth covering, and how best to approach them. We are particularly interested in candidates who will expand the breadth of coverage by bringing their own background knowledge and community contacts to editorial discussions.
  • Research ‐ ability to quickly assemble information on interview topics.
  • Preparation – ability to write clean segment introductions, prepare interview questions, anticipate responses, and prepare follow-ups.
  • Editing – ability to edit recorded interviews quickly and seamlessly to hit target lengths. Basic multi-track mixing (i.e., create music beds for carts and billboards)
  • Social Media – Experience using tools like Facebook and Twitter to increase reach and audience engagement.
  • Grace under pressure – These programs are produced under tight deadline pressure.
  • Periodically, things fall apart. It's OK if they fall apart. It's not OK if you lose your cool when they do.
TO APPLY: Submit cover letter and résumé to Cover letter should indicate in which show you are interested or if you would accept either.
DEADLINE: March 28, 2016
Job Type: Part-time
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