In Memoriam
Proposed Amendments to the Pacifica Bylaws
Posted June 2, 2014
Voted July 17 and July 24, 2014
Concerning In-Person Meetings of the Pacifica National Board
Failed: 11Y 9N
Amendments Page
Restriction of LSB Treasurer Position
Failed: 7Y 12N 2Abs
Amendment Page
Doubling the Frequency of Bylaws Amendments
Passed: 17Y 1N 1Abs
Amendment Page
Reduce the Size of LSBs and Delegate Assemblies
Failed: 6Y 10N 3Abs
Amendment Page
Reduce the Size of the PNB - Equilateral
Failed: 6Y 9N 3Abs
Amendment Page
Update Notice Requirements
Failed: 3Y 11N 4Abs
Amendment Page
Foundation Name Change
Failed: 2Y 13N 3Abs
Amendment Page
Concerning Meeting Notice
Failed: 0Y 17N
Amendment Page
Reduces Affiliate Directors by One
Failed: 8Y 9N 1Abs
Amendment Page
Election of Station Representative DIrectors
NOT VOTED: was conditional upon passage of "Proportional Reduction in Size of the PNB"
Amendment Page
Proportional Reduction in Size of the PNB
Failed: 7Y 12N
Amendment Page
At Large Directors
Failed: 10Y 5N 5Abs
Amendment Page

According to the vote of the Pacifica National Board on April 17, 2014, reconsidered on May 8, the following is the revised timeline for amendment of the Pacifica Bylaws (Note that the only change is a 1-day adjustment in the Notice Date.):

June 2: Proposed amendments will be posted to and daily on-air announcements will begin, continuing through July 17
July 17: PNB to vote on proposed amendments
July 18 – Sept. 15: Delegates (elected Local Station Board members) to vote on the proposed amendments that have been approved by the PNB

Amendments may be proposed by national boardmembers (Directors), by local station boards, or by a petition from station members themselves, and should be formatted to include:
  1. The existing bylaw language and its current location(s)
  2. The proposed new bylaw language and (all) affected section(s), with changes made obvious by using strikeSthroughs, italics, capitalization or bold, etc.
  3. A brief, clear rationale for the proposed change(s)
For most amendments to be approved, they must pass the national board by a majority of its membership, and then be passed by a majority of delegates at each of 3 of the 5 stations. Particular types of amendments also require approval by the members via written ballot, and some amendments may be approved directly by the members even if the boards disapprove of them.

For more on amending the bylaws, see Article 17 of the Pacifica Bylaws, the most current version of which, courtesy of Jack VanAken, are found at

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