A good deal has been reported, in the media and on email lists and we've received many individual phone calls and inquiries regarding the status of the suit brought against Pacifica.
The rulings to date have supported the defense of the Foundation.

The Plaintiff(s) in the suit are:
Pacifica Directors For Good Governance (PDGG) identified in their complaint as:

  • Carolyn Birden, WBAI
  • Janet Coleman, WBAI
  • Janis Lane-Ewart, Affiliate
  • Heather Gray, Affiliate
  • Luzette King, WPFW
  • Kim Kaufman, KPFK
  • Janet Kobren, KPFA
  • Manijeh Saba, WBAI
  • Richard Uzzell, KPFT

The PNB has been notified by counsel that subsequent to the initial filing Janet Kobren and Kim Kaufman have withdrawn from PDGG and the lawsuit.
The attorney representing PDGG:, Amy Sommer Anderson, is currently attempting to withdraw from the case.
The Defendants are:

  • The Pacifica Foundation and the following Pacifca National Board Directors:
  • Rodrigo Argueta, KPFK
  • Lydia Brazon, KPFK
  • Jim Brown, WPFW
  • Adriana Casenave, KPFT
  • Benito Diaz, WPFW
  • Brian Edwards-Tiekert, KPFA
  • Jose Luis Fuentes, KPFA
  • Hank Lamb, KPFT
  • Tony Norman, WPFW
  • Lawrence Reyes, KPFT
  • Cerene Roberts, WBAI
  • Margy Wilkinson, KPFA

Attorneys Representing The Pacifica Foundation and twelve Directors: Dan Siegel and Alan S. Yee

Court Documents
Lawsuit Dismissed
Opposition to Motion to Strime
Reply to Motion to Strime
Opposition to DIsqualify Counsel
Reply to Disqualfy Counsel Motion
Reply to Disqualify Motion
Opposition to Set Aside
Opposition to Set Aside
Motion to Disqualify Siegel & Yee
Motion to Strime Cross-Complaint
Motion to Set Aside Order of June 3, 2014
Motion to Set Aside Order of October 3, 2014 Transcript of Court Appearance on May 6, 2014
Preliminary Injuction Denied
Motion to Disqualify Siegel & Yee Denied
Request for Substitution of Attorney
Preliminary Injuction v Summer Reese Granted
Anderson Motion to Withdraw
Points and Authorities in Opposition to Request for Preliminary Injunction
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