Returns and Audited Financial Reports
990 (Tax Return) Audited Financial
FY2021 990 FY2021 Audit
FY2020 990 FY2020 Audit
FY2019 990 FY2019 Audit
FY2018 990 FY2018 Audit
FY2017 990 FY2017 Audit
FY2016 990 FY2016 Audit
FY2015 990 FY2015 Audit
FY2014 990 FY2014 Audit
FY2013 990 FY2013 Audit
FY2012 990 FY2012 Audit
FY2011 990 FY2011 Audit
FY2010 990 FY2010 Audit
FY2009 990 FY2009 Audit
FY2008 990 FY2008 Audit
FY2007 990 FY2007 Audit
FY2006 990 FY2006 Audit
FY2005 990 FY2005 Audit
FY2004 990 FY2004 Audit
FY2003 990 FY2003 Audit
FY2002 990 FY2002 Audit
FY2001 990 FY2001 Audit
FY2000 990 FY2000 Audit
FY1999 990 FY1999 Audit
FY1998 990 FY1998 Audit
FY1997 990 FY1997 Audit
Temporarily Unavailable FY1996 Audit
Temporarily Unavailable FY1995 (and 1994) Audit
Temporarily Unavailable FY1994 (and 1993) Audit
Please note:
  • Pacifica's fiscal year begins on October 1 and ends on September 30.
  • Annual tax returns (IRS Form 990) must use the IRS form dated with the calendar year in which the fiscal year began. For example, the form for Fiscal Year 2016, which began on October 1, 2015, was filed using the 2015 form.
  • For purposes of comparison, most audited financial statements show two years of information: the year being audited and the previous year. Thus audit titles will usually say something like,
    "For the Years Ended September 30, 2016 and 2015."