Article Eight, Other Committees of the Board of Directors, Section 3: Standing

In addition to the LSBs for each of the Foundation's radio stations, the Board of Directors shall also have the following standing committees: (A) a Coordinating Committee, which shall coordinate Board activities between meetings, which committee shall include as members all Foundation officers and at least one Director from each radio station area, but shall not include any non-Director LSB Delegates, provided however that the Coordinating Committee shall not be considered an "executive committee" and shall not exercise any powers of the Board without Board approval; (B) a Governance Committee, which shall regularly review the Foundation's bylaws and policies for governance of Board activities; (C) a Finance Committee, which shall review and recommend the annual budget for board approval and shall monitor and report Foundation financial activities at least quarterly and shall include as members the Chief Financial Officer, a Director from each radio station area and the treasurers of each LSB. (The chair of the Finance Committee shall be a Director who may be referred to as the Board "Treasurer". However, the Board Treasurer shall not be an officer of the Foundation. The Foundation's Chief Financial Officer shall be an employee of the Foundation and shall not be the Board Treasurer. The Board Treasurer shall not represent him/herself to any party as an officer of the Foundation nor may s/he sign documents on behalf of the Foundation requiring the signature of the Chief Financial Officer nor represent him/herself to have any authority to bind the Foundation.); and (D) an Audit Committee, which shall oversee the annual audit of the Foundation's books and shall not include Finance committee members.