Article Seven, Local Station Boards, Section 8: Associate Stations

A. A Foundation radio station may choose to associate with any geographically contiguous community radio station for the purpose of re-broadcasting no less than seventy-five percent (75%) of that Foundation radio station's programming. The terms of said association shall be memorialized in a written agreement between the Foundation radio station and the community radio station, which agreement must first be approved by the Board of Directors to be effective. Such a community radio station must produce some local programming, operate under a mission statement compatible with that of the Foundation and have a democratically elected station board. Such a community radio station will be referred to as an "associate station", which station is different from an "affiliate station" as referenced in Section 4(A) of Article 6 of these Bylaws. An associate station may be permitted to appoint one (1) representative to the LSB of the Foundation radio station with which it is affiliated for a term of three years commencing in December of the year of appointment, provided, however, that no LSB shall have representatives from more than 3 associate stations on its LSB.

B. Associate station representatives sitting on LSBs are subject to removal by either their own station boards according to their own respective terms of accountability and appropriateness or by the majority vote of all the LSB (excluding the vote of the associate station representative in question). The LSB must notify the associate station board at least 30 days prior to any vote to remove its representative about any difficulties or concerns regarding its associate station representative in order to provide said associate radio station the opportunity to consult with its representative about the LSB's concerns and/or to designate a replacement representative.